Membership Registration

Membership in the SFURA is open to any person retired from Employment at SFU as shown by the records of the Human Resources Office.

The surviving spouse of a deceased retiree is eligible to become a member.

The Board also accepts applications from former employees who are retired, who left SFU before retirement, and any others who worked at SFU and were paid from other funds such as research grants.

The SFURA year is from April 1 - March 31. The 31st of March is the deadline for renewal of your SFURA membership. 

For new members:   Membership is free from the date of first joining SFURA until the following March 31. 
For those joining SFURA in January, February or March, membership is free until March 31 of the subsequent year.


NOTE: Please visit the following page for information on 2021 - 2022 Membership which is now complementary for all

e SFU Retirees Association
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Simon Fraser University
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