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Last updated: November 18, 2021

This page includes links to resources to support your return to campus. Check back often for the latest information. You can also view our FAQs which are updated regularly. 


Use this self-assessment tool to provide up-to-date guidance and recommendations for testing and follow-up for COVID-19.

Latest updates

Access all the emails sent to faculty and staff about our return.

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Safety Plan 

SFU has introduced a number of layers of protection to keep the community safe.

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Leadership tools

HR has developed a number of tools and resources to help leaders transition their teams back to campus including step-by-step guides, change management tools, a staffing plan tool and more.  

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Health and wellbeing

SFU offers a number of resources to support your health and well-being including crisis intervention and suicide prevention, counselling, coaching, online resources, training, apps and more.

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Event resources

In-person meetings and events are permitted with students, faculty and staff inside and outside. Contact Meetings, Events and Conference Services for more info.

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Whether you are a faculty member, instructor, teaching-support staff member or academic unit, the Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE) has tools and resources available to support in-class and remote learning.  

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Guidance about in-person research as it relates to SFU’s recovery has been mapped out on the Research page of this site. 

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Institutional planning framework

Learn about SFU’s guiding principles and the framework we are using to plan our return as well as the latest provincial public health guidance informing our decisions. 

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Find technology and support services available for working, teaching, learning and research, including software, managed devices and videoconferencing on the IT-Remote services page. 

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