Vaccine declaration

SFU students, faculty and staff are encouraged to declare their COVID-19 vaccination status. Declarations are used to support SFU’s safety planning and remain one of the many layers of protection in place to protect the health, safety and well-being of our community. Vaccines are the most effective way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in our community. Please get fully vaccinated, including all eligible boosters, as soon as you are able.

Last updated: April 21, 2022

Who needs to complete the declaration?

Vaccination declaration continues to be mandatory for those who are studying, working or conducting research in settings where being vaccinated is required by Provincial Health Order, such as in healthcare or long-term care facilities. Please speak to your supervisor if you are unsure if you are required to declare. 

Submit your vaccine declaration

How it works

Declarations are voluntary, confidential and can be submitted online through the secure Thrive Health website. You can also email your completed Vaccine Declaration form to

There are four options when you submit your declaration:

  • Yes, I’m fully vaccinated
  • No, I am partially vaccinated
  • No, I am not vaccinated
  • Prefer not to answer

The process is confidential and only takes a few minutes to complete.


If you have declared you are vaccinated you must submit a photo of your BC Vaccine Card to show proof of vaccination as soon as possible. We are only accepting the BC Vaccine card for verification purposes.

If you are not currently located in B.C., you are not required to upload proof of vaccination at this time.

Once you have your BC Vaccine Card, you can upload it to Thrive website or fill out the PDF form and return it to

Take the following steps to submit a photo of your BC Vaccine Card:

  1. Log into the Thrive website.
  2. Select “Update your vaccination declaration form.”
  3. You will have to reselect your vaccination status: Yes, I am fully vaccinated or No, I am partially vaccinated.
  4. Upload a photo of your BC Vaccine Card.
  5. Check off the acknowledgement and select SUBMIT.

See the screen shots on How to upload Proof of Vaccination for more information. 

If you are not using the Thrive website, an alternate is to download this form. Please save your information in the form and email it to and include the subject line, 'proof of vaccination'.

About SFU’s Thrive Health - Vaccine Declaration website

The secure website is available on your smartphone and desktop. Once you have completed your initial set-up, you can re-enter the site to update your status (for example, a second dose of an approved vaccine). You can also use the site to complete your daily COVID-19 Self-Assessment before coming to campuses.

The site is hosted on Thrive-BC, a secure, third-party app that meets the privacy standards set out in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The app is also being used by Public Health and a number of other post-secondary institutions in BC, including UBC and UVic. Learn more about how information will be collected and shared using Thrive Health.


What specific information will be shared with SFU?

  1. Employee or student ID number for those who self-declared either “not fully vaccinated” or “prefer not to disclose”, without identifying which of those options was declared.
  2. Employee or student ID number of those who have not self-declared.
  3. Aggregate, non-personalized data about how the community has self-declared.

*see October 29, 2021 update below.

Who at SFU will have access to this information?

Two designated employees, one to extract a contact list, and one to send the emails.

*see October 29, 2021 update below.

For what purpose is this information being gathered?

Self-declarations and proof of vaccination are being collected for the purpose of enabling SFU to provide individuals with education and resources related to COVID-19 vaccinations. Aggregate data will be used to plan the provision of, and monitor the safety of, in-person services across SFU campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information will be used to support the application of SFU policies and health and safety plans and procedures.

How is it confidential if my answers may lead to "receiving reminders about ..."?

Self-declaration information entered into Thrive will be kept secure and confidential from those in the SFU community. The information submitted will not be shared with one’s colleagues, peers, supervisors, professors, etc.

* October 29, 2021 Update: In order to comply with recent and future orders of the Provincial Health Officer and federal policies regarding mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, SFU is required to collect, store, and disclose proof of vaccination status for certain members of the SFU community. Therefore, SFU's Director of Health & Counselling, Steward of Electronic Medical Records, was given administrative access to information stored in Thrive in order to confirm proof of vaccination as required by these orders, laws, and federal policies as they come into effect.

How and until which time will this information be used?

SFU is required by FIPPA to retain for one year any personal information that is used by SFU “to make a decision that directly affects the individual”, for example, a decision related to planning the provision of services on campus, or a decision about whether an individual is emailed notices and reminders. These records will not be retained longer than necessary for their use or as required by law.

When am I considered fully vaccinated?

You are considered fully vaccinated when you are 14 days past:

  • The second dose of a Health Canada-approved two-dose vaccine
  • The second dose of a two different Health Canada-approved vaccines (i.e. first dose AstraZeneca, second dose Pfizer)
  • One dose of a Health Canada-approved single-dose vaccine.

Were you vaccinated outside of Canada?


Our mandatory vaccination declaration program at SFU this past fall term has showed we have a highly vaccinated SFU community. Across the board, our mandatory vaccine declaration demonstrates that 97% of our campus community, including students, is vaccinated.

Response Rate

Faculty: 99.1%
Staff: 95.1%
Student: 93.5%
Grand Total: 93.8%

Vaccination Rate of Responders

Faculty: 97.7%
Staff: 97.3%
Student: 97.3%
Grand Total: 97.3%

Get vaccinated

We encourage all members of our community who can to get fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Get vaccinated today