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Build Fraser River Flood Water Interception Reservoirs


Build Fraser River Flood Water Interception Reservoirs in conjunction with reinforcing the banks of the Fraser River

overview of the idea

As the threat of Fraser River flooding increases due to more intense storms and lack of water uptake in the upper reaches of the Fraser River Basin due to pine bark beetle tree kill and resulting changes in the soil hydraulics there is increase risk of flooding

how it works

Build interceptor catchments or reservoirs starting in the Upper Fraser River Valley ie Mcbride to Prince George regions to catch excess water flow before it can make its way downstream. The areas of Prince George have suffered in the past from flooding. Also build a second reservoir catchment at Hope to intercept the excess water in Fraser River after Price George as there are a number of tributaries that flow into Fraser River such as the Thompson River.

How communities will adapt and thrive

The water catchment reservoirs will hold back water that would otherwise result in disastrous flooding along the Fraser River Floodplains both in the Upper and Lower Valleys. The water in the reservoirs could later be released during periods of low flow for irrigation purposes for agriculture as well as aiding salmon migrations. Also if there were storm surges predicted for the Metro Vancouver area (Fraser River Delta Area) water could be diverted from the Fraser River at Hope into the catchment to lessen impacts of storm surges. This would be a major infrastructure programme that would provide employment as well as protect vital farmland in the Fraser Valley, as well as protecting the homes and businesses located along the Fraser River.

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