Carbon Stewardship Plan, Empowering BC Communities


A Carbon Stewardship Plan would address the billions of dollars required for designing Metro Vancouver to adapt and thrive in the context of a 1 metre rise in sea level, and provide funds for priority sustainability projects. In the public interest, it shifts the burden of responsibility from taxpayers to producers, empowering BC Communities, improving our legacy for future generations.

overview of the idea

We propose a Carbon Stewardship Plan to pay for designing Metro Vancouver communities to adapt and thrive in the context of a 1 metre rise in sea level, and provide funds for priority sustainability projects. It can build bridges between carbon producers, transporters, communities, and future generations. It can bring British Columbians together working on the toughest problems of climate change while providing the transitional carbon energy required until renewable energy solutions fully implement.

Metro Vancouver is a paradise on earth with a rich natural and cultural heritage of many aboriginal nations welcoming other diverse cultures from around the world to its shores. Local leadership has a vision to lead into the future with the Greenest City 2020 and many fine examples of green innovation, architecture and engineering. It is ironic that this same city and province enable significant climate change by exporting millions of tonnes combustible carbon annually. Also ironic, is that the very ports that export this carbon are at threat from rising seas and their local communities are left with billions in costs for sea level rise adaptation. Important Sea Level Rise research on the potential impacts, and engineering solutions to adapt to sea level rise has been done. Little has been proposed about how this will be paid. As a local property and small business owner I am already tapped out by taxes and regional levies. We propose a solution which unburdens taxpayers, empowers all BC communities and improves our legacy for future generations!

how it works

The Carbon Stewardship Plan would work similar to other 24 Extended Producer Responsibility programs in BC. It would be developed and managed by an independent management team and would have to be approved by the Ministry of Environment (MOE). The management team would bring various industry (producers, transporters, insurers) aboriginal, government and other stakeholders together to build a viable plan. Board members would be selected from the stakeholder groups to oversee the stewardship management team. Industry producer fees would be assessed per tonne of carbon dioxide transported through the province, appropriate with what the market will bear and the capital requirements of the Stewardship Plan. For example a $1.00/Tonne CO2 fee could generate $450 million annually by 2020 based on conservative projections of C02 shipped through the province. This represents 1.2% of projected C02 emissions in 2020 (36.4 Giga-Tonnes).

The fees would be held in trust and disbursed for various climate change adaptation projects as required and as approved by the board. An annual report would be submitted to the MOE detailing management of the stewardship, fees collected and fees disbursed. Once approved by MOE it would be posted online and be visible for all to see.


Carbon Stewardship Plan Poster

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supporting information

Biocentric Factsheet

This factsheet lays out some of the costs of sea level rise in Vancouver. Click here to download the document.

Biocentric Sustainable Business Bulletin

More information on how sea level rise may affect the Lower Mainland. Click here to download the bulletin.

How communities will adapt and thrive

A Carbon Stewardship Plan allows communities to adapt and thrive in a numerous ways with unlimited potential. A few possibilities are below:

  1. Removes the burden of sea level adaptation from all local communities in BC and shifts the real cost of doing business from the taxpayer to the producer
  2. Sets standards and puts mechanisms in place to ensure safe transport and handling of carbon
  3. Provides a fund for the BC Aboriginal Communities to help them determine their climate future in addition to any sea level adaptation
  4. Eases the way for responsible producers and transporters to do what they do best in - supplying the transitional energy required by the world in a safe manner
  5. Provides funding which assists the best and the brightest in the province to research investment priorities of the Plan for optimum results
  6. Could provide funding to improve transitional energy use (ie. carbon capture), promote renewable energy, plant forests and revive watersheds globally
  7. Could provide legacy funding for future generations impacted by loss of valuable resources and climate change
  8. Could provide funding for the less fortunate, the aged and the sick to deal with climate related health issues including heat exhaustion and poor air quality
  9. Could provide funding which helps with climate trauma in other parts of the world
  10. Empowers BC communities, improving our legacy for future generations

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