Frequently asked questions

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This section of the website is being updated approximately once a week as questions come in from participants in the competition. If you have a question and can't find the information on the website, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


Q1. Do all team members need to be BC residents?

A. Yes, but the definition of BC residents for the competition includes all students currently enrolled full-time at a British Columbia post-secondary institution.


Q2. Can SFU students/staff/faculty take part in the competition?

A. Yes, teams from SFU are welcome and encouraged! However, please note that SFU employees, volunteers and representatives (and household members or immediate family members of such employees, volunteers and representatives) who are directly or indirectly involved with or connected to SFU’s Public Square initiative are not eligible.


Q3. Can we register first and add / edit team members later?

A. Yes. You must use the online form to register, but you can email any additions or amends to riseideas at sfu dot ca


Q4. Are hand drawn or artist renditions acceptable as part of a submission?

A. Yes. We encourage a range of submissions in any accepted file format (PDF, Word, PPT, YouTube link, etc.) see submit page for details.


Q5. Do all team members need to attend the exhibition day?

A. No, but at least one team member must be present all day at the public exhibition and judging day on October 19. Teams can rotate members throughout the day.




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