SAS Companion for the Microsoft Windows Environment

Changes and Enhancements
P A R T 1   Getting Started
Getting Started
Interacting with the SAS System under Windows
Using SAS Files
Using External Files
Managing SAS Output
Performance Considerations
P A R T 2   Using SAS with Other Windows Applications
Using Groupware to Distribute SAS Data
Enhancements for SAS Users under Windows NT
Using OLE in SAS/AF Software
Controlling the SAS System from Another Application Using OLE
Using Dynamic Data Exchange
Using Unnamed and Named Pipes
Accessing External DLLs from the SAS System
Special Considerations for SAS/AF Programmers
P A R T 3   Features of the SAS Language for Windows
Functions and CALL Routines
System Options
Length and Precision of Variables
Macro Facility
P A R T 4   Appendices
SCL Methods for Automating OLE Objects
Error Messages for the SAS System under Windows
Graphics Considerations
Network Considerations
Default Key Settings for Interactive SAS Sessions