We've provided some fun and engaging science activities for students to do at home or in the classroom.

The seasonal activities are linked to the NEW BC Science Curriculum and are accompanied by a glimpse into the work of SFU scientists and why they love what they do. 

The videos below the seasonal activities are accompanied by teacher's workbooks with guides on how to support the concepts in the video.

Invitation to Math Catcher Festival

Grade 4-5 students in BC are invited to create a Small Number story and present them in the format of their choice: a picture book; a comic; a video; a PowerPoint presentation with a voice over; a play; a poster; an animation, a computer game; or any other medium that fits their ideas. 

The creation may be produced by an individual student or a group of students. We are looking for short stories which demonstrate the following:

  • that mathematics is applicable in real life;
  • that young people like Small Number encounter mathematics and require knowledge of it on a daily basis;
  • that mathematics can be interesting;
  • that mathematics can be used to solve real-life problems; 
  • and importantly the stories should be playful and promote kin and friendship in Indigenous settings.

We encourage submissions in the different languages used in British Columbia: First Nation languages, French, and English.

The Festival will be held online through Zoom, on Friday, December 11, 2020, from 9:00-12:00. 

For Festival guidelines, expression of interest survey, important dates, and more information please visit our website or email us at math_catcher@sfu.ca.

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Online activities to do in your home or classroom: