SFU Faculty of Science:  Excellence in Science Public Engagement and Outreach Award


The award recognises SFU faculty, staff or students who are making substantial and sustained contributions to community engagement and outreach by sharing science with the public.

The award is an important way to highlight, both within SFU and in our surrounding community, SFU people who are engaging the public with science, and in doing so increasing awareness of the key role that science plays in society.   


All SFU faculty and staff (full time, part time or emeritus), current limited term lecturers with a contract for at least 1 year following the award and currently registered students are eligible.


Examples of public engagement and outreach include but are not limited to:

  • Responding to community needs and interests through sharing of science with adults, youth, K-12, teachers, general public.
  • Popularising science and making it accessible to a broad audience.
  • Public outreach activities including hands-on programs for youth, workshops, presentations, field activities, materials such as websites, books, videos, digital resources, broadcasting, and other outreach activities locally, nationally or internationally. 


Each Faculty of Science Chair is invited to submit one or more nominations, at their discretion, for either an individual or group. Nominations will be held for a two year period, so non-recipients will be considered the following year. 

Nomination deadline is December 7, 2018.


The Award

One SFU Faculty of Science: Excellence in Science Public Engagement and Outreach Award will be presented per year. We are seeking approval for the award recipient to be recognised at the SFU Awards Dinner, and the award itself, together with a $1000 prize, will be presented at an appropriate Faculty of Science event. The $1000 prize will go to the recipient’s department to be used for public engagement and outreach. (If won by a group such as Let’s Talk Science the cash prize would go to the local LTS program).

Selection Committee

Dean of Science (or designate) as Chair, one faculty member designated by the Dean, one Community Leader in Public Engagement with Science, and Cynthia Henson, Outreach & Engagement Manager, Faculty of Science.

The committee reserves the right to not distribute an award in a given year.



Previous recipients of the SFU Faculty of Science Excellence in Public Engagement and Outreach Award are not eligible in subsequent years.

Nomination Submissions

Please submit the following electronically to scirec@sfu.ca by December 7, 2018:

  • Nomination form
  • Letter of nomination
  • Summary CV (max 3 pages)
  • Two letters of support, at least one from an individual or group outside the campus who can attest to the outreach impact of the nominee

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