Get Involved

We are looking for Science Outreach Volunteers who can assist our workshop instructors/facilitators in running experiments/activities and lab tours.  

Science workshops/activities and tours are usually held at the Burnaby campus. There may occasionally be some off-site events and school visits.

*This opportunity is recognized as part of the Student Ambassador Program, an official recognition program for short term opportunities at SFU. Participation at this event can count towards your hours accumulated in the program.

Applications for the next intake will be taken in August, 2018.

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"At SFU Science Outreach we teach school-aged children about science by conducting experiments and coordinating activities on campus. I enjoy my role tremendously, and as a full-time student I appreciate that it doesn’t require an overwhelming time commitment. It’s really nice to be a role model for the kids I teach. I think exposing the participants to science at such a young age is a great thing because for some it sparks a passion that may one day lead to a science-related educational or career pathway. The experience has helped me to develop communication and leadership skills by forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone." 

                                    Yasmeen, volunteer

"My name is Rania and I am in my third year at SFU, majoring in Biomedical Physiology.  I started volunteering for science outreach in my second semester at SFU because I wanted to get involved on campus and help out in my faculty. It has always been a goal of mine to promote the sciences to youth as I find there are often misconceptions surrounding  the field.
Volunteering for this program is an extremely rewarding experience and it has allowed me to improve my teaching and communication skills. I highly recommend volunteering for our program if you are looking to enhance your university experience."

"Outreach is a perfect platform to network among SFU professors and staff while teaching, learning and having fun."

Karishma, volunteer

"Volunteering for SFU science outreach has been such a wonderful experience! It allowed to me to meet so many other people who are passionate about science too. I've made friends with people that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. Volunteering is something I've enjoyed doing since high school. I moved from Kenya about 2 and a half years ago and have been volunteering for science outreach for almost one year now. Science outreach has been a stepping stone for me and has allowed to me to learn about so many other science related and non-science related volunteer opportunities on campus which I now also volunteer for. It's made my university journey a lot more exciting. I'm so happy and well settled here now, I would never move back to Kenya. It's funny before I started volunteering, I did not like it here."

Neha, volunteer