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Thank you so so much for doing such a fabulous job...My students thoroughly enjoyed the lab exercises you provided. The demos were lots of fun and kept them on their toes!
You have such a wonderful program and thank you so much for welcoming us with open arms.

Ms. Gill, Semiahmoo Secondary School

I enjoyed doing the actual lab and getting the hands-on experience of a university lab because I want the experience that a first year university student would have, seeing that I am getting closer to applying for universities.

Grade 11 student from Queen Elizabeth Secondary, attended a Titration Lab on April 2016

I really loved making the silver, because I had no idea that was possible! Thinking about doing more of that, and discovering new formulas that have equally cool results makes it motivating to take my knowledge of chemistry further.

Grade 7 student from Coquitlam, attended a Chemistry workshop in November 2016

Doing the gel activity (was my favorite).  Using equipment that isn't commonly available to high schools was fun to experiment with.  

Grade 11 student from Argyle Secondary, attended an Molecular Biology & Biochemistry lab on January 2016