The Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard is an integral part of the Trottier Studio for Innovative Science Education. Both facilities are uniquely dedicated to bringing science education and astronomy to children, youth and the general public.

Trottier family

The Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard as well as the Trottier Studio for Innovative Science Education form a seamless partnership between the mission of the Trottier Family Foundation and SFU’s goal to engage with its community.


Nestled within the heart of the Burnaby campus, the Trottier Observatory is the flagship facility in the Faculty of Science’s myriad outreach programs.

Starry nights

Since its inception in 2007, the Starry Nights program has brought thousands of star-gazers, including children and youth, to campus to peruse the night skies and learn about astronomy.

*STARRY NIGHTS for August 16th is ON**


*These events may be cancelled due to weather. Check this page on Friday to confirm that the event is on.*

Please read our Important information webpage regarding our Observatory House Rules and Star Night Etiquette

Please note that the Trottier Observatory is ONLY open to the public for Starry Nights, events such as Science Rendezvous or during special astronomical phenomena. 

Our Friends...

The Vancouver Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) provides critical support to the Trottier Observatory and the Starry Nights @ SFU outreach program. Their dedicated and experienced volunteers bring their personal gear to SFU star nights to share the views through their telescopes, and their knowledge of astronomy, with our guests .

The Club Ilia restaurant located near the Trottier Observatory & Courtyard offers a 10% discount on all food ordered on a Starry Nights event night. To receive the discount, print off your Starry Nights event notice dated for that evening and present to Club Ilia staff.

Click here to see their menu.

The Starry Night experience.

Watch this time lapse video of the Trottier observatory construction.

Watch this time lapse video of the Trottier observatory construction.

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects awarded PWL Landscape Architects a 2017 award of Excellence for Small-scale Public Landscapes designed by a Landscape Architect.

The Trottier Observatory & Science Courtyard is honored to make the cover of World Landscape Architect magazine.