Images and Observing Reports from the Trottier Observatory

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The first "deep image" taken at the Trottier Observatory

This image of the Pinwheel Galaxy, also known as Messier 101, was shot over the course of three nights at the end of May 2015 by Howard Trottier.

Report on first results from the Echelle Spectrograph

Read Howard Trottier's report on the first results obtained at the Trottier Observatory using the new echelle spectrograph, designed primarily for high-resolution stellar spectroscopy.

Observatory Report from Oleg Mazurenko

This report describes results obtained from the Trottier Observatory as of November 11, 2015.

Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, also known as Messier 13

This image was shot over the course of severals nights in June 2015. Yours truly (Mr. Starry Nights) did the image capture and processing.


This is the first image to be obtained with our new planetary imaging camera, the ZWO ASI174MC. The image capture was done by Oleg Mazurenko on May 11 2016, and the results were processed by Howard Trottier.

Detection of Exoplanet tau Boötis b: Final Report, September 2016.

This is a report on the first detection of an exoplanet at SFU's Trottier Observatory, based on radial velocity measurements of the host star. Measurements were done using a commercially manufactured, off-the shelf, echelle spectrograph. The report provides an introduction to exoplanet detection and echelle spectrographs, along with a thorough analysis of the measurements. This study provides one example of the many types of advanced spectroscopy projects that can be undertaken by undergraduate students at university teaching observatories.

Star cluster NGC 869

by SFU undergrad Sarah Savić Kallesøe

M42 The Orion Nebula

by Matt Cimone

Hubble's V1 Cepheid variable star

by Matt Cimone and Howard Trottier

Exoplanet Photometry as of June 2016

by Oleg Mazurenko

"In the Arms of Andromeda"

by Matt Cimone

"Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)"

by SFU undergrad Sarah Savic Kallesoe

"Dumbbell Nebula (M27)"

by SFU undergrad Sarah Savic Kallesoe

"Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635)"

by SFU undergrad Sarah Savic Kallesoe

"The Moon"

by SFU undergrad Sarah Savic Kallesoe