The Starry Walls @ the Trottier Observatory featuring six colours that represent six elements important to life and our understanding of the universe. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Coburn.

@MrStarryNights: Howard's Twitter handle - look out for real-time updates during SFU star nights!

StarGazers: a weekly on-line television series about observing the night sky with the naked eye – a must watch for beginning and experienced stargazers alike!

NASA Kids’ Club: lots of cool activities and information for younger kids!

NASA Education For Students: click the “For Educators” and “For Students” links in the top-left margin for specific grade ranges.

This Week’s Sky At a Glance: a first-rate source of weekly information from Sky&Telescope on what’s happening in the night sky, and how to find it.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: see an amazing astronomical image every day, with superb captions for a general audience written by two professional astronomers.

Vancouver Chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: hosts monthly lectures by leading scientists and expert amateur astronomers, free and open to the public, along with frequent observing events held throughout the greater Vancouver area, including at SFU. Check their Meetup site for information on their latest events.

SkyNews Magazine: Canada’s magazine of astronomy for a popular audience, published bimonthly.

Astronomy Magazine: the most widely read magazine on astronomy for a popular audience, published monthly.

Sky&Telescope Magazine: the longest-running astronomy magazine for a popular audience, published monthly. and good sources of news in astronomy and space science.

Environment Canada and Vancouver Clear Sky Chart: weather forecasts for the greater Vancouver area; the second link forecasts information of interest to amateur astronomers, including cloud cover and seeing conditions.