Dr Alan Baggoo

Dr. Alan Baggoo

B.Sc. SFU, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Honors), 1990

MD, UBC, 1993


Orthopedic Surgeon, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Worksafe Visiting Specialist Clinic Consultant

Co-chair Shared Care Coastal Community of Care


While at SFU my academic focus was both Biochemistry and Kinesiology.  I received my B.Sc from SFU in 1990.

In 1989, I was accepted into the UBC Faculty of Medicine and received my MD in 1993.  I interned in Victoria and subsequently completed a residency in Orthopedic Surgery at UBC and a fellowship at the University of Washington in 1999.

I am currently a staff member at Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver.  During my time at LGH I have served as Head of Orthopedics, Orthopedic Trauma Director and as the Orthopedic Educational Director.  I am a UBC Clinical Instructor in Orthopedics.

While at LGH, I am most proud of my attempts to reform the delivery of orthopedic and trauma care.  In 2011, I received the North Shore Health Care award.

I led the development of the BCMA guidelines for Orthopedic Trauma care and am a co-founder of Pacific Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (POSM).  The purpose of POSM is to improve quality and access to orthopedic care.

I am currently work through the BCMA and POSM to improve the delivery of Orthopedic care to Coastal residents.

I recently completed a humanitarian mission in Haiti and hope to provide services to other countries in the future.

I have three wonderful kids with my amazing wife.  They have helped me keep up with soccer, golf, and to run a mean 5k.  


Why did you choose to go to SFU?   

I chose to go to SFU due to its strong science faculty and the success of SFU students entering post- graduate programs.  I also received a Gordon Shrum Entrance Scholarship from SFU.

Where did you spend the most amount of time on campus?

I spent most of my time in the SFU Library and a good amount of time in the SFU pub.

What is your favorite memory from your time at SFU?

Best memory is meeting good friends and hanging out with the Anderson sisters.

Who was your favorite SFU professor and why?

Dr. Richards was my favorite professor.  He challenged his students to think outside the box.  I learned a lot from failing his tests.

How has your SFU degree impacted your career?  

My SFU degree was a stepping-stone to my MD and FRCSC (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada). 

What is your favorite SFU snow story?

My favorite snow story is sliding sideways down Gaglardi Way in my 1970 VW beetle and telling my screaming passengers “Yeah, meant to do that”.

If you could give advice to students today, what would you tell them?

Life is short; enjoy every minute of your education.  Take time off to appreciate things and never stop learning.

What is the one thing about SFU that must not change?

SFU should never stop being a youthful, energetic campus that encourages its students to think and innovate beyond even their own imagination.