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Evelyn Palmer has played an active role at SFU for over 40 years, as a Chemistry TA , a lab instructor, a senior lecturer, a Master of Science student in Science Education, (MScEduc 1980) an SFU senator and most recently, as an executive member of the SFU Retirees Association.

In addition to these positions, Evelyn played a pivotal role in founding and nurturing outreach programs in the Faculty of Science. Beginning in the early 1970s, Ms. Palmer was personally involved in coordinating the Friday Noon Science Research Lecture Series, the Albert Einstein Centennial Lectures and the Saturday Seminars for High School Science and College Teachers. For many years she also judged the Vancouver Regional Science Fair and organized conferences for the BC Science Teachers Association.  In recognition of her exceptional contributions to science education, Ms. Palmer has been awarded the C.D. Nelson Award for Service to the University, an Outstanding Alumni Award, a Faculty of Science Teaching Award and along with her husband Dr. Leigh Palmer, SFU professor emeriti, two BC Science Teachers Association Service awards.

Today, the faculty of science supports over 20 outreach programs, a testament to the culture that Evelyn Palmer helped create.   Her kindness and hospitality towards students, staff and faculty exemplifies Ms. Palmer’s personality and her continued involvement with SFU is proof of her lifelong dedication to science education and the Faculty of Science.