John Clague

What outreach or public engagement do you do?

Public lectures on natural hazards and other geologic topics, field trips organized by Vancouver Natural History Society and Hope Centre for Outdoor Learning and television, radio, and newspaper interviews.

What got you into it?

I have a knack for conveying seemingly complex scientific information in understandable ways to diverse audiences. And I love sharing my knowledge with receptive audiences.

Which three achievements in your life are you proudest of?

1. Meeting and spending my life with my wife of 50 years

2. Mentoring and graduating 30 MSc and PhD students, and helping some Earth Science undergraduate students

3. Election to the Royal Society of Canada

What was your first summer job?

As a high-school student, I cleaned typewriters and mimeograph machines for the City of San Diego (I’m sure most young people don't know what these machines are!)

Which favourite artists/groups/pieces of music do you listen to?

Paul Simon (Graceland)

Leonard Cohen

John Fogerty

All Zydeco music

How do you get to work every day?

I drive a ‘hot’, although impractical, sports car.

What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working?

Travel, bird watching, reading

If you could meet one famous person for coffee who would it be?

I presume you mean famous ‘living’ person’. That would have to be Stephen Lewis.

Which 5 words would you use to describe yourself?