Thank you for participating in our Science Rendezvous and International Astronomy Day celebration on May 7, 2022.  We hope to see you at the 2023 event!

Student Spaceflight Experiments Program: Finalist Presentations

Learn about the experiment proposals from SD43 that were proposed to go into space, where students explored the effects of microgravity on a number of scientific questions. One experiment will go to the International Space Station! Hear from our student finalists from Dr. Charles Best Secondary, Port Moody Secondary and Hillcrest Middle School — this is your chance to ask them questions about their spaceflight experiments!


Science in Action at SFU presents: Chemistry Magic!

Did you see that? Where did it go? High in the sky? Or down below? Watch very closely, here it comes back! We can do it again. Now how about that?!

Join us for Chemistry Magic, a fun and enlightening science show! 



Meet an SFU Scientist: Dr. David Stenning

Astrostatistics: The Final Frontier?

Dr. David Stenning will discuss how new research in the exciting interdisciplinary research field of astrostatistics is advancing both astronomy and statistics. Dr. Stenning will provide insight into its applications such as predicting solar activity and space weather, discovering Earth-like exoplanets, and learning about cosmology and the fate of our universe.

May 7th, 2022



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