Updated: July 5, 2021

What you need to know about the next phase of resuming work activities on campus or in the field.

Your SWP must be submitted via the Faculty of Science online portal:

You may consider reviewing the following to assist you to ensure all guidelines are understood and covered in your own plan.

You must complete the EHS Safety Orientation training prior to approval of your SWP.

It is mandatory for all employees, including faculty members, to complete a daily health self-assessment before entering their workspace, whether they are required to work on campus or choose to work on campus.

Training Requirements (specific to COVID-19 Return-to-Work)

Self-assessment Resources

  • All employees, including faculty members, must complete a daily self-assessment before entering their workspace. The link to B.C.’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool is here.

Return-to-Work - FIELD ACTIVITIES (research and teaching)

Faculty of Science - Ancillary Services

  • Science Stores, Science Receiving and the Science Technical Centre - Access and Operations

Additional Guidance Documents and Resources

SFU COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan

  • The SFU Go-Forward Plan is an overarching guidance document that has consolidated and updated the information previously included in the following documents: (i) SFU Internal COVID 19 Guidance on Safe Work on Campus, including Appendices (e.g., Appendix B – Physical Distance Guidelines; Appendix C – Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols; Appendix D – PPE Guidelines); (ii) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems during the COVID-19 pandemic; (iii) Guidance for COVID-19 Safety Plan Inspections; (iv) COVID-19 Impact Scale; (v) COVID-19 International Travel; (vi) Common Areas COVID-19 Safety Plan; and (vii) Guidance to COVID-19 Safety Plan Inspections.
  • SFU COVID-19 Recovery Framework
  • 2020 Working Alone Guideline (SFU - Working alone or in isolation)
  • Human Resources Services during Covid-19
  • Student Support and Services
  • Maximum Room Occupancy 

    Maximum room occupancy values are calculated as follows:
    • Variables:
      • Room area (m2)
      • Unencumbered Space (m2) = Room Area x 0.5 (Facility Index Standard)
      • Maximum Occupancy = Unencumbered Space / 5m2 per occupant
    • Adjusted Maximum Occupancy = rounded adjusted values (e.g., Maximum Occupancy value of 4.1 is generally rounded down to 4.0; Maximum occupancy values <1.0 are rounded up to 1.0 as to allow one person in small workspaces, etc.).  As unencumbered space has determined using an index standard value, Adjusted Maximum Occupancy values can be revised with actual room encumbrance values, if required.

Remote Work Resources

Remote teaching support

Please see resources page for remote guidance and teaching support :