Guidelines for Students


Our team in the Faculty of Science is looking forward to seeing you sometime this Fall! 

As our top priority remains everyone's health and safety, we took a thoughtful and measured approach towards our return to classes and campus. We acknowledge some Science students may be ready for a full return, and others may feel this is a time of significant transition and uncertainty. We appreciate that in-person classes and activities are essential to your overall academic success, but we will still balance these with remote learning in September.   

Most importantly, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated! You can register for your first and second dose on B.C.'s Get Vaccinated site and review information about COVID-19 vaccine safety from HealthLinkBCBCCDC and the First Nations Health Authority before your appointment.

We're here to support you and know you may have questions. Please view our Faculty's most frequently asked questions below and check back regularly for new information. 

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Fall 2021 Term

Why are some of my Science classes only offered remotely?

We had to make many decisions about our Fall classes this past spring, to allow time for course planning and scheduling. With both the student experience and the safety of our students, staff and faculty in mind, we attempted to make the best decisions we could about in-person classes at that time.

As you enroll in classes, we strongly encourage you to double-check the method of course delivery. Some workshops and tutorials, for example, may have both remote or in-person options.

We know that much can still change, and our leadership groups are continuing to monitor the situation closely, anticipating any shifts and planning for different outcomes. Our Fall 2021 term will be one of transition, but all students will have on-campus experiences – whether in tutorials or lab courses. We look forward to being back on campus in Spring 2022.


What safety measures will be in place for the Faculty of Science this Fall?

The Faculty of Science is following SFU's Communicable Disease Plan. Some of the current safety measures for fall include:

  • COVID-19 Daily Self-Assessment
  • Non-medical masks must be worn in indoor common areas and learning spaces
  • Careful social contact by limiting the number of close sustained contacts with others
  • Restrictions on meetings and gatherings. A Safe Work Plan must be completed for meetings and gatherings organized through MECS

Starting on Sept. 13, 2021, you will need the BC Vaccine Card to provide proof of vaccination for many campus services, including: 

  • Live in student housing. (Note that the requirement for proof of vaccination for student housing comes into effect September 7.)
  • Participate in varsity and intramural athletics 
  • Use gyms or recreation facilities
  • Attend student clubs, sports, theatre, performances and other events
  • Dine indoors or on patios

Health and Safety

Can you recommend some good resources to learn more about vaccination and the COVID-19 vaccines?

We recommend HealthLinkBC, BCCDC and First Nations Health Authority websites for comprehensive information about the vaccines and vaccination, as well as the Government of Canada website for a general overview on COVID-19 in Canada and information about how companies developed vaccines

You might also be interested in the CBC's Coronavirus Questions page and a Red Cross blog post about why misinformation spreads in emergencies.

What will the Faculty of Science do to help ensure I feel safe being on campus?

We appreciate that everyone's experience of the pandemic has been different; some students may be excited about coming to campus, but others may feel anxious and worried.

The Faculty of Science will control safety measures in our buildings and facilities, but not in other Faculties' buildings or public areas. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the latest guidelines and protocols, have compassion and respect for others, and do what is suitable for you and your situation.

We will also recommend and encourage continued mask usage in common areas, lecture theatres and laboratories. Please respect other people’s decisions on wearing masks.

What happens if I feel unwell or have COVID symptoms while on campus?

If you're feeling unwell, you should contact your instructor, leave campus and go home. You may also want to contact your health provider.

If you think you may have COVID-19, use the B.C. government COVID-19 self-assessment tool to help you decide what to do next. B.C. also has a dedicated COVID-19 hotline for non-medical questions at 1-888-COVID19 or text 1-604-630-0300.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolate, get tested and follow instructions from the Public Health Office.

Still have Faculty of Science-related safety questions?

Contact Danielle Audas at