Guidelines for Teaching

This page outlines the principles and instructions to be followed regarding physical distancing and COVID-19 safety in the SFU Faculty of Science’s Face-to-Face (F2F) lab courses to ensure an orderly and safe return to on-campus activities. These guidelines comply with the policies and regulations set out in this form as determined by Federal, Provincial, Local, University, and Departmental requirements. The requirements in this document may be subject to change with varying COVID-19 alert stages.

Self-Assessment & Contact Tracing

  • Students will be required to complete a COVID-19 Self-Assessment online within the “Faculty of Science COVID-19 Self-Assessment” course Canvas module BEFORE coming to campus.
  • Students that do not “pass” the COVID screening should inform their instructor as soon as possible and not come to campus.
  • Students shall not come to campus if they have not passed or conducted their self-assessment under any circumstances or if they begin to show any symptoms on the way to campus. They should stay at or return home and call 811 for further assistance
  • If students do not pass their self-assessment, they should contact the course instructor as soon as possible to determine possible accommodations.
  • Students will have their attendance taken when entering the staging area or laboratory for contact tracing. The RAs or instructor will check attendance against the self-assessment reports for that day to ensure everyone there is compliant in their assessment and that all students are wearing their PPE.
  • All faculty, staff and TAs will be required to conduct an online daily self-assessment to ensure they have no COVID-19 related symptoms prior to coming to campus, found at the following link:

Physical Distancing Protocols

  • All individuals will be required to keep 2 metres (or 6 feet) apart from one another at all times.
  • Physical posters and digital messaging shall be used to remind individuals to maintain 2 m distance from one another.
  • Physical distancing graphics and floor decals will be used where necessary to help guide students when waiting to enter lab spaces.
  • Lab spaces will be laid out to maximize distance between students and instructional staff and students will be directed to remain at their seat as much as possible.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Students will be required to don their mask prior to entering the buildings. Limited amounts of PPE will be provided for those that have not brought their masks.
  • Masks are mandatory in all indoor spaces, including common lounges, hallways, bathrooms and laboratories.


  • Hand sanitizer will be provided near the lecture theatre entrances. All persons will be encouraged to wash or disinfect their hands before entering the lecture theatres and upon reaching their destinations.
  • Doors will be propped open where possible to minimize surface contact. • Lecture theatres will be disinfected using electrostatic sprayers using Oxyvir TM peroxide-based solution twice daily at 10:30 AM to prepare for the afternoon labs and after 4:30 PM in preparation of the following morning courses.
  • Laboratory courses typically are scheduled in the morning at 8:30 AM start or 1:30 PM start. Cleaning and disinfection will be conducted between sessions to ensure that the areas are ready for the next section.

Lecture Hall Staging

  • The Shrum Science lecture theatres (C9001, B9200, B9201) will be used for some courses as staging areas for students to congregate prior to their face-to-face laboratory classes to minimize traffic and prevent crowding in the hallways.
  • There will be an RA assigned/identified to each staging area to assist and coordinate with the movement and staging of the students within. They will ensure the students are in the correct staging area and help guide them to the correct seating areas within the theatre.
  • Seating spaces will be selected to provide straight forward access (e.g., seats at the edges and front of aisles) and labelled so that students of the same course are grouped in a general vicinity. This will ensure physical distancing by preventing students from crossing each other to reach their seats and when leaving the lecture theatre.
  • Once the class is ready, the RA will escort the class to the laboratory through the shortest distance exit in an orderly manner while maintaining physical distancing.