Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences is a broad-based department; with research and teaching expertise ranging from the study of the molecular biology and physiology of cells (Cells, Molecules & Physiology Undergraduate Stream), to the study of the interaction of organisms with one another and the environment in which they live (Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Undergraduate Stream). A wide range of facilities supports research and teaching efforts and a commitment to diversity is reflected in the many specialised internationall recognized research groups, and in our Departmental Mission Statement.
The Department of Biological Sciences is comprised of almost 50 faculty and 20 staff. Approximately 800 Biology majors and 150 graduate students flourish in the highly interactive and personalized environment which characterizes this Department, and which contributes to the unique character of Simon Fraser University.

Existing Endowments

  • Biological Sciences Merit Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Glen Geen Memorial Endowment Fund
  • H.R. MacCarthy Graduate Bursary Endowment
  • Dr. John Yorston Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Ken Turner Memorial Endowment Fund Bursary
  • Master of Pest Management Graduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Peter and Elizabeth Belton Endowment Fund
  • Vancouver Horticultural Society Bursary Endowment
  • Biological Sciences Endowment Fund
  • Mutual Fire Insurance Company of BC Endowment Fund
  • Beverley Raymond Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Sharon Clements Biological Sciences Endowment Fund
  • Shaughn & Sharon Clements Field Trip Endowment Fund
  • Shaughn Clements Biological Sciences Graduate Award Endowment Fund
  • Ross Gordon Wilson Endowment Fund
  • Philip & Marian McClelland Memorial Endowment Fund