Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

The Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry began operating as a department within the Faculty of Science in 2000.  It is noted for producing a significant number of prominent industry leaders and researchers. Research areas include cell and developmental biology, structural biochemistry, nucleic acid functions, immunology and high throughput biology. Since becoming a department MBB has rapidly expanded in student enrollment, numbers of majors, faculty, scale of research operations and funding. MBB has approximately 26 research faculty, 26 associate faculty members, 10 adjunct faculty members, 4 teaching faculty, approximately 500 undergraduates and 90 graduate students.

Existing Endowments

  • Hemingway Nelson Architects Graduate Endowment
  • Dr. Bruce Brandhorst Endowment Fund
  • David L. Baillie Graduate Endowment Fund
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund