Statistics & Actuarial Science

Statistics is the science of extracting information from data. Statisticians use mathematical and computational techniques to summarize and draw conclusions from data.  Their expertise also ensures that the conclusions accurately reflect the source and structure of the data.  Statisticians are now in extremely high demand as bodies of data are being generated by organizations everywhere.  Some major application areas for statistics today are the production of government statistics, pharmaceutical research, online commerce, industrial quality management, environmental monitoring and assessment, and medical research.

Actuaries employ a variety of tools and methodologies, including statistics, to understand and manage financial risk. They model patterns in large groups of people, and use these models to predict behaviours and events that impact financial decisions.  Results of their work forms the basis of insurance plans, pension and retirement plans, investments, and more. Year after year, many published job rankings list Actuary as a top career choice.

Existing Endowments

  • Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science Endowment Fund
  • April Allen Memorial Undergraduate Endowment Fund
  • Randy Sitter Graduate Scholarship in Statistics & Actuarial Sciences