Our hypo/hyperbaric chamber is available to handle equipment testing for breathing simulators and immersion testing.  

Breathing Simulator

The EMPU has its very own in-house built breathing simulator (also known as a metabolic simulator). It can simulate a person's breathing by taking in air and exhaling warm, moist CO—just like a breath—and can operate at a full range of altitudes and depths.

Its functionality is for testing breathing equipment such as SCUBA (SCBA) and closed-circuit rebreathers (CCR), and its oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production are to match minute ventilations, i.e. up to 4.5 and 5.0 L/min STPD, respectively.


Immersion Testing

The EMPU provides hot and cold immersion testing. Our wet pot can accommodate one person and a bicycle ergometer, one person with a swimming ergometer, or multiple people. The wet pot can be chilled or heated to various specifications for survival, immersion, dry, semi dry and wetsuit testing.