Hyperbaric Chamber Operator


Registration Spaces are limited to 6 seats to maintain and adhere to Covid Safety Protocols. 

Course Description:

This course is the hands on component for either clinical or occupational chamber operator. Certification by the Divers Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) in accordance with the CSAZ275.4 Compentancy Requirements.

Prerequisite are Fundamentals of Hyperbaric Medicine or DCBC occupational restricted surface supply diver or occupantional SCUBA or equivalent as determind by a PLAR.  You will need a copy of the DCIEM dive tables. Available to purchase thru SFU in advance.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone wishing to operate a multiplace chamber in either clinical or occupational settings such as in support of diving or tunnelling operations.

Accomodation for visitors:
Simon Hotel - Located here on Simon Fraser University campus, is just a few minutes walk from our lab. 

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$1200 + GST

Register Oct 3-9


Prereq: Fundamentals of Hyperbaric Medicine OR approved occupational Certification.


 Chamber Operator