Faculty of Science Safety Committee

Safety Commitee meetings are held once a month in room 9705, TASC2. If you have any safety concerns, please contact a Committee member so that they can bring them to the meeting.

Remember that safety is everyone's responsibility.












Faculty of Science Safety Committee Members

Ruth Appanah (Co-chair) Dean's Office APSA
Maya Piddocke BISC  
Hamel Tailor Dean's Office  
Anthony Slater Electronics Shop  
Nicole Belanger Animal Care  
WORKERS (10 regular)    
Joe Egan CHEM Non-union
Kim Buettner (alt) ACS CUPE
Deidre de Jong-Wong MBB CUPE
Ziwei Ding MBB CUPE
Yumeela Ganga-Sah CHEM TSSU
Caterina Ramogida CHEM SFUFA
Cheryl Leonard BISC CUPE
Paul MacDonald BISC CUPE
Ken Myrtle (co-chair) PHYS CUPE
Matt Plotnikoff EASC CUPE
David Qu (alt) BISC CUPE
Audrey Schumacher (alt) CHEM CUPE
James Shoults Machine Shop Polyparty
Abbegaile Sonon (alt) CHEM CUPE
Sherry Young CHEM TSSU
Sha Zhu CHEM Non-union
Catderine Peltier EHRS  
Miles Garcia (alt) EHRS  
Rachel Sargeant Dean's office