File Space and Back Up at SFU


SFU has directions to access webspace here.  With a PC using Internet Explorer, click on If you get the 'This page cannot be displayed' message click the refresh button and put in your user name (Firefox needs an extension called fireftp).
On Macs (prior to Lion) use Safari to click on afp:// (if you don't use Safari copy the link and in the finder go apple-k to connect to server and paste the link in the dialog box).  Newer Macs can use SFTP  to connect with Fugu or Cyberduck
You can also use Textwrangler which has a built in SFTP client.  
On campus you can use \\\username on a PC or with a Mac  smb:// Note these all access the same storage place, so you can also use this to transfer files.

Other Backup methods: online services, external hard drives, CD's, & email.

Dropbox easily allows you to access files from different computers. After registering go to to double the free space allotment.  There are several online backup services - look for something that works automatically and is incremental (keeping previous versions of your files).  

You can backup your files to a CD or an external hard drive but if you store it near your computer it will be affected by the same power surges and fire/water damage. SyncBack is a free and easy way to backup or synchronize PC files/computers/ ipods, etc. Also, you may e-mail yourself a copy of important files. Google Gmail is a great free email with lots of storage so it works great as a backup. Email for more information. 

Dropbox or any cloud service (including Gmail)  with servers outside of Canada should not be used for storing any personal information of students or staff.