Hyper/Hypobaric Chamber

Constructed to PVHO-1 standards, the chamber is a triple-lock, multi-place Class “A” Hypo/Hyperbaric complex that contains an Entry Lock (EL), Main Lock (ML), and Wet Pot (WP). There is an environmental control system for air/water temperature and humidity, as well as carbon dioxide scrubbing capabilities. The ML can accommodate up to seven participants (including one inside tender) and contains four fold up bunks for longer duration or sleep tests/studies.

The unit can be pressurized to 1,000 feet of seawater and a vacuum can be drawn to 100,000 feet above sea level, the equivalent of the atmospheric pressure of Mars.  Individual Built in Breathing Systems (BIBS) for both oxygen and other breathable gas mediums can be connected so each participant has their own mask to breathe from, reducing the risk of an oxygen enriched environment within the chamber.  Loud speakers installed in the EL and ML ensure that all participants can hear instructions from the operators clearly.

The advantage of a double lock system is that large equipment that won’t fit in the medical lock, or personnel, can be transferred to the Main Lock without having to change the pressure.  By isolating the two locks from each other, we can then bring the entry lock back to the surface to make the change.  Once the change has been made, we dive or fly the Entry Lock back to the equivalent pressure of the Main Lock.  This allows the study or mission to continue uninterrupted.

Our services and training programs are designed to simulate a wide variety of extreme environmental conditions that may be encountered routinely or accidentally by individuals or equipment.  From pressure testing fuel cells or other equipment housings and conducting human physiology studies, to training commercial pilot students to recognize the signs and symptoms of hypoxia with simulations in a controlled environment.

The versatility for various types of research that can be conducted in this unit is extensive.  Contact us for more information and to find out what opportunities there are for your research or product testing in the EMPU.