The Environmental Medicine & Physiology Unit offers training to professionals looking to increase their knowledge base and credentials in the field of hyperbaric medicine and operations. These programs are necessary to better understand the responsibilities and potential risks associated with hyperbaric operations and to remain in compliance with the CSA and Health Canada standards and regulations.  For more information on the programs offered, please click on the courses that interest or apply to you below.

Hyperbaric Medical Technologist

Hyperbaric Medical Emergency Simulation

Hyperbaric Safety Director

Hyperbaric Technician

Individual Courses         

We offer some of the programs within the full courses above as stand-alone programs. Seats are limited as the full programs take precident. 

*Individual programs are not subject to any discount promotions*

Bauer Level 1 & 2 Technician

Swagelok Fittings & Bending Essentials

Visual Inspection Procedures & Oxygen Cleaning

Inspection & Maintenance of Hyperbaric Acrylics

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