Equipment Testing

Breathing Simulator

The EMPU has its very own in-house built breathing simulator (also known as a metabolic simulator). It can simulate a person's breathing by taking in air and exhaling warm, moist CO2 —just like a breath—and can operate at a full range of altitudes and depths.

Its functionality is for testing breathing equipment such as SCUBA (SCBA) and closed-circuit rebreathers (CCR), and its oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production are to match minute ventilations, i.e. up to 4.5 and 5.0 L/min STPD, respectively.

Apparatus Specifications

Tidal Volume: 0.5 L to 3.5 L
Breathing Frequency: Up to 50 breaths/min
Minute Ventilations: From rest to extreme exercise, up to 150 L/minute. These can match settings used in diving (e.g. US Navy, EN 250, EN 14143, EN 15333), or by organizations like ISO and NIOSH


Immersion Testing

The EMPU provides hot and cold immersion testing. Our wet pot can accommodate one person and a bicycle ergometer, one person with a swimming ergometer, or multiple people. The wet pot can be chilled or heated to various specifications for survival, immersion, dry, semi dry and wetsuit testing.