High Altitude Indoctrination Program


Provide the best possible training for your students

High Altitude Indoctrination training (HAI) is a standard procedure used by NASA and the Canadian Armed Forces to familiarize pilots, skydivers, and aviation medical doctors with the signs and symptoms that accompany hypoxia; however, individuals will perceive different symptoms first.

After completion of the training, you will be able to recognize hypoxia and initiate the proper procedures in the event of cabin depressurization during flight.  In the military, regular HAI training has been shown to save lives.

The one-day program is conducted by highly experienced instructors who are leaders in their field. It includes a ground school to familiarize students with the effects of decompression and the signs and symptoms of hypoxia, as well as a reference manual.  You will also undergo decompression to a simulated altitude of 7,620 metres (25,000 ft) in Canada‚Äôs only state-of-the-art civilian research hypobaric chamber and will perform a series of cognitive function tests that showcase how quickly hypoxia can set in and take effect.

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This video illustrates how quickly and how serious suffering from hypoxia can be.

This video is the audio of a real situation in which the pilot and co-pilot are struggling to control the aircraft and to communicate on the radio.

For more information or to book for a group of 6 or larger contact the staff at the Environmental Medicine & Physiology Unit at SFU:

EMPU: 778-782-3782