Meeting Minutes for February 2011

Faculty of Science
Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2011
10:30 am
Room SSB 8114


P. Gregory, K. MacFarlane, B. Medford, R. Holland

P. Saunders, K. Myrtle, M. Plotnikoff, M. Syrzycka, K. Buettner

M. Neudorf

Recording Secretary:
C. Eisel

1.   Approval of the Agenda
    a.    Agenda was approved.

2.   Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
    a.    Minutes were approved, with corrections to be made. Once the correction has been made, minutes will be posted to the Science Safety website.

3.   Comments from the University Safety Committee
    a.    Dewar wheels still considered an ongoing issue until the issue is resolved.
    b.   Water leaks and mold - let facilities know if there are drips, or concerns for mold, asap.
    c.    Work Safe BC- worker vs. non-worker changes/gray areas TBA in more detail
    d.   Syringes found with surplus equipment by Facilities
        i.     Facilities to create new process for handling bins (labeling and numbering bins) to better identify/track where things like this have actually come from.
        ii.     M. Neudorf reminded everyone that there are procedures for Biohazards disposal as well as Sharps disposal- and will draft a notice to send University wide.

4.   Incident Reports
    a.    M. Neudorf is working to contact the parties involved in an incident from Jan 31 to follow up.

5.   Inspection Reports
    a.    CHEM, MBB and PHYS due for inspections in Spring.
    b.   EASC labs to be audited soon through EH&S

6.   Continuing Issues
    a.    Dewars stickers- response so far seems to be good/well received
         i.     K. Myrtle ordered a 5-wheel system with (approx.) 3in hard rubber wheels (approx. $65.00 each) to test out.

7.   New Business
    a.    Disposal of syringes
        i.     Please see item, d “i” and “ii” under “Comments from the University Safety Meeting” as this was discussed there.

8.   Round Table
    a.    EH&S- March 10th: procurement of chemicals; what’s working and what’s not?

Meeting Adjourned 11:09 am


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