Meeting Minutes for January 2011

Faculty of Science
Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2011
10:30 am
Room SSB 8114


P. Gregory, K. MacFarlane, B. Medford, R. Holland 

P. Saunders, K. Myrtle, M. Plotnikoff, P. Tupper, M. Syrzycka

M. Neudorf

Recording Secretary:
C. Eisel

1.   Approval of the Agenda
    a.    Agenda was approved.

2.   Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
    a.    Minutes were approved, with one correction to be made: “M. Kulbaba” should be changed to, “M. Skura”. The correction has been made, and minutes posted to the Science Safety website.

3.   Comments from the University Safety Committee
    a.    A. Cifarelli is still concerned about the Dewars wheels/sticker situation.
    b.   S. Caine from Risk Management has arranged for the University to have access to the database with the University’s insurance risk ratings made by an external insurance company.
    c.    Snow Closure: There are concerns over communication, (lack of, how to better find out information from Translink, and a need for better communication between appropriate parties to make the decision to close the University)
    d.   EH&S is concerned about student/dept. shops. They want to ensure that users are safely using equipment. P. Saunders recommended that there should be direct, qualified supervision when equipment is used. Regarding safety concerns, it was also suggested that perhaps users of equipment should themselves be qualified to use such equipment with accompanying documentation to prove their qualifications. M.Neudorf explained that there are resources through EH&S to accomplish this qualification.

4.   Incident Reports
    a.    RE: CHEM spill December 23, 2010.
        i.     P. Saunders explained that there were concerns expressed about people not being informed of the spill specifics within its general vicinity (what happened, what the odor was, etc). There is concern about people not knowing who to go to for help or to report the odor if they do smell something.
         FYI: Who to call if there is an odor/chemical spill to report or question:
        ii.     Call EH&S
        iii.     Call Facilities
        iv.     Call a Dept. Contact

If there is a real concern, evacuate the lab and then make your phone calls.

5.   Inspection Reports
    a.    MBB and PHYS due for inspections in Spring.
    b.   CHEM to look into when they are due for theirs.

6.   Continuing Issues
    a.    Dewars stickers
        i.     Stickers have been put on 50 liter Dewars.
        ii.     Approx $30.00 for 100 stickers
        iii.     Let P. Gregory know if you would like some stickers
            1.   B. Medford- please intercampus mail 5
            2.   K. MacFarlane –please intercampus mail 5
        iv.     Committee agrees that the stickers are acceptable, and that the size of sticker is appropriate for the 50 liter Dewars.
        v.     If wording/size, etc needs to be changed, let Paul Gregory know.
    b.   Dewars wheels
        i.     What are the issues to examine?:
            1.   Tipping
            2.   Thresholds
            3.   Elevator lip

 After much discussion, it was decided that a type of wheel should be chosen and tested, and utilize user response to make a decision. If it is a feasible solution- the modifications for the tester Dewars will have 5 wheels instead of 4 for stability.  K. Myrtle to find Dewars to use as test cases, and give them to R. Holland. It was suggested that these Dewars be assigned to people who have a distance to travel to get input from regarding the modifications.
To be noted: Even with the new nitrogen center coming, there will still be 50 liter Dewars used- so this will be a continuing issue if not resolved.
    c.    Posters
        i.     To be made and sent out as a PDF to avoid formatting/printing issues
        ii.     Should be printed and posted ASAP
        iii.     An “updated on” date to appear on the bottom of poster, and should be updated once per year
        iv.     Need to Add “M. Syrzycka”, under MBB as a committee member

 7.   New Business
    a.    Student Shops
        i.     Please see item, 3d. on these minutes for the details of this discussion.
    b.   Access to labs for Campus Security and others
        i.     There was an issue where Campus Security noted a venting 230 liter Dewar in MBB. They first called Facilities, and then the emergency MBB contacts. We do not want Campus Security or Facilities to do any sort of risk management. The solution is creating a document/policy to keep Campus Security informed of the procedure.
            1.   Suggestions (for after hours):
                a.    Post information on the door for person opening lab to see the next morning
                b.   DO NOT enter to investigate
                c.    Call an emergency contact.
                     i.     Maybe we should utilize contacts who live on campus, allowing for a quicker response time.
            2.   Suggestions (for business hours):
                a.    Create a Facilities Work Order, and be sure to include contact information so that facilities can contact you, if you are out of your office/area when they arrive. (There have been issues with Facilities showing up, but not being able to complete the work as no one was there.) If Facilities cannot contact you when you are not there, the job will not be completed.
                b.   Also, include on the work order a note similar to “Please contact ahead to coordinate time/day of job so that area may be cleared of chemicals and prepared for Facilities.” (There have been issues with facilities showing up to do the work, (for example under a sink) and they have not been able to access the job because chemicals were under the sink, and they did not want to handle/move them).
                c.    Perchloric Acid safe work procedures
                    i.     Perchloric Acid guidelines are available for distribution through EH&S.
                d.   Sharon Hope replacement
                    i.     For now there are enough CUPE members/members to cover.
                    ii.     Dean of Science Office (P. Gregory) to take over maintaining the Inspection database.

 8.   Round Table
    a.    No members had anything to report.

Meeting Adjourned 11:30 am


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