Meeting Minutes for November 2011

Faculty of Science
Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

November 24, 2011
10:30 am


B. Medford, K MacFarlane, M Dearden

P. Saunders, K. Myrtle, M. Plotnikoff, D Sinclair, J Anthony, M. Syrzycka

M. Neudorf

Dean’s Office:
P. Ruben

Recording Secretary:
C. Eisel

1.   Approval of the Agenda
    a.    Agenda was approved. The meeting began with P. Ruben introducing himself, explaining his role in the interim with the Faculty of Science Safety Committee as P. Gregory retired. Also, it was told to committee members that all meetings will be scheduled in the new Dean’s seminar room; TASC2-9705.

2.   Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
    a.    Minutes were approved as amended.

3.   Incident Reports
    a.    There was a “near-miss” due to bypassing of a safety device. Safety mechanisms are in place for a reason- do not alter or attempt to bypass them. P.Ruben and P. Saunders to draft up a notice to email out to all appropriate parties as a reminder.

4.   Inspection Reports
    a.    BPK and ACS to do inspections with one another for the next meeting.

5.   Continuing Issues
    a.    Waste Disposal:
        i.         P. Saunders and P. Ruben to draft up a note requesting a review of Waste Management procedures, etc. Perhaps the University-wide waste management responsibility should be with EH&S rather than Science Stores.
        ii.         Communication is an issue when it comes to waste pick-up. Waste is not being picked up if there is no one in a lab, and Science Stores is not aware that there is waste not having been picked up.

6.   New Business
    a.    Fume Hoods:
        i.         Facilities is investigating whether to shut fans in TASC1 evenings and weekends to save energy.

7.   Round Table
    a.    EHS:  There is a new employee. They will be focusing on door/hazards signs, etc for now.

 Meeting Adjourned 11:24 am


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