Meeting Minutes for October 2011

Faculty of Science
Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2011
10:30 am
TASC 2 9705


P. Gregory, B. Medford, K. MacFarlane, V. Truong

P. Saunders, K. Myrtle, M. Plotnikoff, M. Syrzycka, D. Owen

M. Neudorf 

Recording Secretary:
I. Parhar

1.      Approval of the Agenda
    a)    Agenda was approved

2.      Approval of previous minutes
    a)     Minutes of September 2011 were approved.

3.     Comments from the University Safety Committee
    a)     No significant comments pertinent to the Science committee.

4.      Inspection Reports
    a)    Physics will be doing a lab inspection around Christmas time.
    b)   Chemistry will do lab inspections in March/April.
    c)    Biology will inspect their labs in June.
    d)   V. Truong will report back to the committee when lab inspections have been scheduled.

5.       Continuing Issues
Waste Disposal Containers:
        a)    The containers are only being picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays.
        b)   So far this semester 842 litres of waste has been created.
        c)    P. Gregory mentioned they are hoping to see pick up more frequently and will be negotiating with the company for better rates.
        d)   Further to the topic of disposal, the Chemical Safety Committee will be looking at what can be disposed of down the drain and coming up with guidelines.

            Door Signage and Alarms
        a)    How does security know what’s inside a room if a freezer alarm goes off?
                This question was posed after an incident where multiple freezers where housed in one room and an alarm went off. Security contacted K. Scheel to ascertain if they could enter the room.  Discussion ensued about the responsibility of the principal investigator to have the necessary contact information on the door as well as what each freezer contains.
        b)   P. Gregory to send out note to chairs to remind their faculty about having correct signage on their doors.

             N2 Tank Incident
        a)    This issue has been resolved, as K. Myrtle will be reviewing the transfer of liquid Nitrogen with the graduate  student.  The P.I. has also instituted a new procedure
        b)  P. Gregory will send note to departments not to circumvent safety
                standards but to follow procedure. 

6.      Round Table
        EH&S will be making sure that appropriate signage is used on all relevant doors.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25.


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