Meeting Minutes for September 2011

Faculty of Science
Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2011
10:30 am


P. Gregory, B. Medford, R. Holland, B. Medford, K MacFarlane, M Dearden

P. Saunders, K. Myrtle, M. Plotnikoff, D Sinclair, P Tupper, J Anthony

M. Neudorf, J Haunerland, D Owen

Recording Secretary:

1.   Approval of the Agenda
    a.    Agenda was approved.

2.   Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
    a.    Minutes were approved as amended.

3.   Incident Reports
    a.    An incident was reported in 4D labs where a technician defeated the relief valve.  The resulting buildup of pressure resulted in the spout blowing off.
        i.         More detail was required and K MacFarlane, K Myrtle and M Neudorf will investigate.

4.   Inspection Reports
    a.     ARC- Will do one before Christmas.
    b.   Discussion on areas missed and plans to do them

5.   Continuing Issues
    a.    VWR Hotplates:
        i.         The supplier considers there to be no further danger.  S Caine will coordinate with P Gregory to discuss some recovery of funds.
    b.   Aqueous waste disposal containers
         i.         20L containers now being used by Chemistry were shown by D Owen.  She expects 600L of waste for this lab session. Too many containers for convenient storage.
        ii.         P Gregory indicated that more frequent pickup was warranted
        iii.         A note will be written to the Chemical Safety Committee requesting guidelines for disposal.
    c.    Door Signage – being pursued by P Gregory with Security.
    d.   Mould still an issue.  People were reminded to report damp areas to Facilities.
    e.    Communication.  Still concerns that people don’t know about the committee, who to contact with concerns and don’t get information coming from the committee.  To be discussed again.

6.   New Business

7.   Round Table
    a.    Radiation Safety – concerns of build up of waste needing to be removed.  P Gregory will contact Radiation Safety Office about concerns.
    b.   Chemistry – Someone keeps unplugging the O2 monitor in the Chemistry Nitrogen filling area.  K MacFarlane to investigate further.

Meeting Adjourned 11:50 am


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