September 27th Star Party

The general public and children are welcome at these events. Reservations are not necessary.

September 27, 2015

In conjunction with Science Literacy Week, we will host Starry Nights @ SFU on Sunday, September 27, from 7:00PM-11:00 PM. Catch the beautiful total lunar eclipse - the last we will see until January 2018.

**This event is weather permitting. We recommend that you subscribe to our email list ( to receive email confirmation that afternoon that we will be able to host the event. 

ADVISORY: Please note that the total phase of the lunar eclipse starts just after moon-rise, and that the view of the eastern horizon from the observatory is partially blocked. This means that we won't be able to see the total phase of the eclipse from the observatory! However, we should be able to setup telescopes nearby with a view of the eclipse, and we will open the observatory to gaze upon the stars and other celestial treasures!

Note that all parking is pay, and visitors can park only in designated areas. The best location is Visitor's B Lot (Lot VB). There is a flat overnight rate after 4:30PM of $3.25. Click here for a map with the locations of parking and the observatory site.

Observatory house rules

  • Admittance to the observatory is free to the general public (children are welcome), but is strictly first-come, first-served.
  • We make no guarantee that everyone who comes to the star night will get inside the observatory. We ask for your patience and understanding as we make every effort to accommodate as many people as we can.
  • Once you have looked through the telescope, please make your way back outside so that another guest can get a turn.
  • Flash photography is not permitted inside the observatory.
  • Food and drink is not permitted inside the observatory.
  • Please do not touch the telescope - despite its size, it is a sensitive piece of equipment!
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Star Night Etiquette

  • Our operation is run entirely by dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time: they include SFU students, staff, and faculty, and amateur astronomers from the Vancouver Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Please be sure to thank them!
  • Although the observatory may seem to newcomers like the only reason to be at our star nights, our experienced guests know that they will find breathtaking views of many different celestial treasures through our volunteers' portable telescopes, and that half the fun is to have their questions about the universe answered by our friendly and knowledgeable amateur astronomers.
  • We ask for your patience and understanding as we make every effort to get as many people into the observatory as we can, but as indicated in the Observatory House Rules, we make no guarantee that everyone will get inside.
  • Please be sure to take advantage of the portable telescopes set up outside the observatory: these telescopes are the personal property of the experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly amateur astronomers who bring their equipment to campus to share views of breathtaking celestial treasures with our guests.


Until we meet under the stars, please:

"Keep Looking Up!"

(aka Mr. Starry Nights @ SFU)


 Jack Horkheimer, the greatest of Star Gazers

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