Science Technical Center wins SFU Team Achievement Award

March 02, 2017

(l to r) Ken van Wieren, Bruce Harwood, Howard Proulx,  Gary Shum , Pawel Kowalski, Anthony Slater, John van der Est, Bob Zubic, Ray Holland, James Shoults (missing), 

The ten staff members of the Science Technical Center (STC) together bring an amazing array of skills to the fabrication of equipment and devices to support scientific research and innovation. Their skills include expert use of 3D design software, CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing, welding, printed circuit computer-aided layout, microcomputer programming, glassblowing, and electronics troubleshooting. The success of many research projects would not be possible without the fabrication of one-of-a-kind devices designed by this group - it is through their work that SFU researchers are able to translate ideas into innovation. Congratulations to all!