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  • CFI Town Hall
    Mon, January 14, 2019
    Sheraton Wall Centre - 1088 Burrard St.
    Vancouver, BC
    As a follow-up to CFI's Nov 2018 discussion paper on the role of CFI in future of research and research infrastructure in Canada, CFI is hosting townhall meetings to solicit feedback/input from research institutions and key CFI stakeholders on trends that are likely to shape how we approach research and state-of-the-art infrastructure over the next ten to 20 years.
    To attend, please register by Jan 7, '19
  • Nobel Prize Lectures - January 16, 2019
    7:30 - 9:30 pm, Science World Theatre
    Join us for talks exploring how the 2018 Nobel Prize discoveries in physics, chemistry and medicine or physiology are changing our world.
  • CafĂ© Scientifique - January 25, 2019
    "How can fruitflies teach us about cancer" by Professor Esther Verheyen

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