At SFU, your university education isn't just  about formal studies. Enrich your education with a variety of extraordinary learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Get career exposure and build confidence through co-op work terms, join an intramural team, sign up for a field school, work with faculty on research projects, volunteer and become a peer counselor, or simply take part in campus events, like Science Frosh. The friendships you make and the experiences you have are an important part of your educational journey. 

Save the date ...

Frosh will be held on September 16th and 17th, 2017 and all incoming Faculty of Science students are invited to participate. Details & pricing are still TBA, but here's what we know so far:

FROSH weekend kicks-off with chanting and dancing at the opening ceremonies. Our carefully selected Frosh leaders lead the four houses: Currie, Newton, Darwin, and Edison. A three hour scavenger follows. Exploring the corner’s of SFU’s campus challenges every teams’ wits, physical endurance, and communication as they win points for their house. After this, Froshies have a chance to get casual with professors and SFU administration over a slice of pizza. The last hours of sunshine are enjoyed with games of ‘capture the lubed watermelon’, an alternative and messier version of the classic game ‘capture the flag’. After dinner and trivia, attendees are led to a club-like scene with a DJ, blacklights and hours of dancing supplied by the energy from peers that have become best friends. 

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