Science Schemes  Newsletter Volume 13, issue 2

Midterms are approaching!


  • Practice as you will perform: To prepare for your midterms, practice under the same conditions with which you will write the exam. Avoid consulting your notes/textbook, as you will not have these with you when you write the exam (unless it's an open book exam). Do practice under timed conditions to simulate the time constraints you will have at the exam.

  • Be resilient and learn from mistakes: You may not always feel that your grade on a test/midterm reflects how well you knew the material or how hard you studied. At times you may feel like you blew it on an exam and feel like giving up on the class. But keep in mind that setbacks in one's academic career are inevitable. Use a less-than-ideal result on a test/exam/assignment as a learning opportunity. Rather than beating yourself up, reflect on what went wrong and how you can do better in the future.

  • Be aware of the final drop deadline: October 9th. While you unfortunately wouldn't get any of your tuition money refunded for dropping this late in the semester, there are cases where taking the financial hit is better than jeopardizing your success in a course. If you're struggling or falling behind in a course and are considering dropping, discuss the situation with your Academic Advisor.

  • Make time for family and friends: Being a student is very demanding of one's time and energy. But that shouldn't mean that you have to sacrifice time with your loved ones. Maintaining social ties is vital for one's overall wellbeing. If you're finding that you don't have time to spend with family and friends, you may want to consider reducing responsibilities in future semesters (e.g., reducing your course load or cutting back on work hours). Overloading ourselves with obligations can lead to burnout.  

What change would YOU make with $3,000?

The SFU Student-Community Engagement Competition wants to fund your innovative ideas that engage communities and have meaningful impact in the neighborhoods where SFU students live, learn, work and play.

If you have a creative idea to engage Surrey Centre, Metrotown, Brentwood, Lougheed or Edmonds, let us know before December 1, 2017.

Every amazing journey starts with the first step. Take yours, today.

For more information, don’t hesitate to email us at

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Office of Community Engagement,
SFU External Relations


Looking for an upper division elective Science course?

Here is a new course being offered for the first time in the Spring 2018 semester:

SCI 301 - Science Communication: An Introduction

Course Description: Science plays a key role in society and in all of our lives. As scientists, we therefore have a responsibility to communicate what we do, why we do it, why it matters and what are the benefits in ways that are clear, effective and useful. In "Science Communication: An Introduction", we will explore best practices for different communication approaches from print media, face-to-face to online, learn how to develop and communciate our message, and get to know our audience. Whether you are pursuing a career in science or would like exposure to potential career opportunities in science communication, this course is for you.

Prerequisite: 60 units towards a BSc degree

First-year Surrey Science students...

We are now about 30% of the way through the semester! You've started to get a taste of what university life is like. How is it going so far? Is there anything that you're finding particularly challenging? Let's talk about it!

You are invited to book a one-on-one appointment with the Surrey Science Advisor, Carlye Vroom. Carlye has a wealth of experience helping SFU students enhance their academic lives.

Whether you'd like to work on managing your time effectively, improving focus, taking good notes in lectures, preparing well for tests/exams, etc., we can discuss possible strategies for success. Contact Carlye at to book an appointment.


Approaching Events & Deadlines

October 4: Critical Reading & Thinking workshop

October 4: Analyze This! From Summary to Critical Writing workshop

October 5: Co-op application deadline

October 5 & 6: Convocation

October 9: Thanksgiving Day (offices closed)

October 9: Last day to drop a class (with a WD notation on your record)

October 19: How to Succeed on Exams workshop

October 19: Managing Procrastination workshop

October 20: Early deadline to apply to graduate

October 27: Cafe Scientifique - Statistical Data Science

October 29: Science Spooktacular


Calling all undergrads! Put your passion for social innovation to work in the city next semester.

Civic Innovation Change Lab is a unique, intensive opportunity to hone your skills at developing practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Co-hosted by RADIUS SFU, CityStudio Vancouver, Beedie School of Business and SFU Semester in Dialogue, the course weaves together knowledge in civic issues, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, with the core practices of dialogue, design-thinking, and business model development.

Learn more and apply by Oct 15! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.