Science Schemes  Newsletter Volume 13, issue 3

November is course enrollment month... Are you ready??


  • Consult with your Advisor about course selection: Your Academic Advisor can help advise you on such things as: choosing courses that would be appropriate for you to take next, taking a reasonable course load in light of your obligations and goals, and fitting a course schedule together that will work well for you. Take advantage of their expertise and knowledge to ensure your best course of action.

  • Use Mnemonics: Although at the university level you'll often need to go beyond mere memorization, memorizing information is a basic skill that students need. Mnemonics are memory devices that make memorizing information easier. For example, when learning how to read music, one needs to remember which lines on the scale are associated with which notes. Memorizing EGBDF is difficult without pairing these letters up with something meaningful, and so people have come up with mnemonics like "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge"—which is much easier to remember than just the letters themselves. See here for some of the different types of mnemonics that you could apply to your studies.

  • Make up your own practice questions: Doing practice is one of the best ways to deepen your understanding of course content as well as identify knowledge gaps. But practice questions are not always readily available. As part of your review of notes from lectures and readings, you could come up with your own practice questions. Put yourself into the perspective of the instructor by trying to come up with challenging questions to test understanding. Coming up with practice questions will not only give you questions to test yourself with thoughout the semester, but will also help enhance your knowledge of course content. This is because a rich understanding of the material is required to create good practice questions.

Peer Education programs offer peer-to-peer education and outreach on campus. By participating in one of the programs below, you will learn how to support and educate your peers on a particular subject matter. There is also a personal development aspect embedded in each program to encourage professional and developmental growth in Peer Educators.

The programs recruiting for start dates in Spring 2018 are Active Living Peers, Career Peers, the Global Student Engagement Committee Peers and the Learning & Writing Peers.

Apply by Sunday November 5, 2017 11:59pm via

The Student Learning Commons invites all eligible undergraduates to enter our inaugural writing contest by submitting a paper that has been, or will be, handed in to any SFU course between January 1 and December 31, 2017. Contest deadline is December 5th 2017.

Winning entries will be awarded a prize:

  • First prize: $200
  • Second prize: $150
  • Third prize: $100

All winners and “honourable mention” papers will be published on the SLC web site as examples of strong writing across the disciplines.

We also encourage our current and former SLC Learning, Writing, and EAL Peers to submit a paper. One $200 prize will be awarded to the strongest “Peer” paper received. Former peers must be enrolled as SFU undergraduate students in Fall 2017 to be eligible.

See General information: SLC writing contest for more information, including eligibility, judging criteria, and instructions on how to enter.

First-year Surrey Science students...

We are now more than 60% of the way through the semester! How is it going so far? Is there anything that you're finding particularly challenging? Let's talk about it!

You are invited to book a one-on-one appointment with the Surrey Science Advisor, Carlye Vroom. Carlye has a wealth of experience helping SFU students enhance their academic lives.

Whether you'd like to work on managing your time effectively, improving focus, taking good notes in lectures, preparing well for tests/exams, etc., we can discuss possible strategies for success. Contact Carlye at to book an appointment.

What change would YOU make with $3,000?

The SFU Student-Community Engagement Competition wants to fund your innovative ideas that engage communities and have meaningful impact in the neighborhoods where SFU students live, learn, work and play.

If you have a creative idea to engage Surrey Centre, Metrotown, Brentwood, Lougheed or Edmonds, let us know before December 1, 2017.

Every amazing journey starts with the first step. Take yours, today.

For more information, don’t hesitate to email us at

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Office of Community Engagement,
SFU External Relations


Interested in learning about careers in science and future research opportunities?

Consider taking SCI 191: Introduction to modern scientific research methods


Approaching Events & Deadlines

Nov 2: Structuring Ideas Through Grammar workshop

Nov 5: Deadline to apply to become a peer educator

Nov 6: Enrollment begins

Nov 6 (Vancouver) & Nov 7 (Burnaby): Using Sources in Your Paper workshop

Nov 11: Remembrance Day

Nov 13: In lieu of Remembrance Day (all classes cancelled and offices closed)

Nov 14: Late Night Against Procrastination (Burnaby)

Nov 17: Cafe Scientifique - Individual vs. Population (How single-cell studies revolutionize the future of medicine and society)

Nov 20: Successful Exam Writing workshop

Nov 20: Crunch Time Survival 101 workshop

Nov 27: Open enrollment begins