At SFU, your university education isn't just  about formal studies. Enrich your education with a variety of extraordinary learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Get career exposure and build confidence through co-op work terms, join an intramural team, sign up for a field school, work with faculty on research projects, volunteer and become a peer counselor, or simply take part in campus events, like Science Frosh. The friendships you make and the experiences you have are an important part of your educational journey. 

Science Co-op

Co-op formally integrates a student’s academic studies with career-related paid work experience. Alternating between semesters of study and semesters of work experience, students put their education in action while earning money and building a network of industry contacts.

Co-op invites students from all science disciplines to get involved. Click here to contact Science Co-op

Science Peer Mentorship Opportunities

Peer Mentorship programs match senior students with incoming new students. The mentor helps support the transition to SFU by meeting and communicating one-on-one or in small groups, and connecting new students to social opportunities, services, and resources on campus. 


Free tutoring for Science undergrads

Science students can get help in BISC 202, CHEM 110, 121, 122 & 281/282, MATH 150,154,157, PHYS 100, 101 & 102, 120 & 121. Schedule is here.

International Opportunities for Students

Science students can travel the world and gain academic credit, work experience and life skills. 

Get involved in Science Outreach

Graduate and undergraduate Science and Education students who would like to gain experience in science education are invited to volunteer for a variety of fun, science events hosted by SFU Science in Action and SFU Let's Talk Science. Commitments range from participation in one event per year to a few workshops every month. Training is provided and, depending on the amount of time committed, may be eligible for recognition on your Co-Curricular Record. All events involve sharing science activities with K-12 students and the general public.

For more information please click here or log-in to MyInvolvement with your student ID. 

Departmental Student Unions & Groups

Each undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science belongs to both the Faculty Student Union (Science Undergraduate Society) and their specific Departmental Student Union (DSU). Getting involved with your DSU can provide you with social connections, leadership opportunities, and give you a voice here on campus. Most DSUs also have common rooms to hang out in. Feel free to get in touch with your DSU through the Facebook pages and emails listed below.

Still can't find what you're looking for? There are over 300 clubs registered with the Simon Fraser Student Society. Click here for a complete directory.