SEE Graduate Student Association

What is the SEEGSA?

The SEE Graduate Student Association (SEE GSA) is the student society for all SEE graduate students. We are here to represent the interests of and advocate for SEE grad students, as well as to provide opportunities for connection and community. The SEE GSA represents its members in the GSSTSSU, and SEE Graduate Program Committee (GPC). The current executive team of the SEE GSA are introduced below. We welcome you to reach out to the SEE GSA at any time through email or join us in our monthly meetings! Feel free to view our constitution and meeting minutes for up to date information.

What is the TSSU?

The Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) is a Labour Union consisting of Teaching Assistants (TAs) & Tutor Markers (TMs), Sessional Instructors (SIs), English Language & Culture and Interpretation & Translation Program Instructors (ELC/ITP), Student Learning Commons (SLC) Facilitators, Research Assistants (RAs) & Grant Employees. TSSU bargains SFU to reach mutual agreements and supports employee rights. All the agreements that are currently in place can be found in the collective agreement.

TSSU Stewards act as liaisons between members of their department and TSSU. Stewards will communicate TSSU news and events, help you understand your rights, and solve conflicts with your employer (SFU and its employees) through TSSU and within the most up-to-date collective agreement. The information you share with the stewards is confidential and will not be shared with third parties unless you want to do so. More information about TSSU can be found here.

Please feel free to contact SEE TSSU Stewards if you have any questions or concerns.

Executive Team

Kamaria Kuling


Maha Shehadeh


Mehdi Nikkhah

Treasurer, GPC Representative

Trevor Barnes


Mohsen Mazrouei Sebdani

TSSU Steward

Kimia Haghighi

Co-Chair, TSSU Steward

Reza Safavi

GSS Councillor, GPC Representative

Md Eliasinul Islam (Elias) 

Social Coordinator

Pierre McWhannel

Social Coordinator