Undergraduate Students

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc)

Simon Fraser University's new School of Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) welcomed its first cohort of students in Fall 2019. The SEE curriculum is the first of its kind in Western Canada and is hosted in the newly constructed building at SFU’s Surrey Campus.

Discover your potential in shaping a better tomorrow. You will be immersed in an interdisciplinary learning environment where you will develop in-demand skills to prepare you to be a global leader in clean technology. You will become industry-ready to work in high demand sectors such as cleantech, renewable energy, smart cities, sustainable manufacturing, clean power generation and utilization, and sustainable food and water solutions.


Through engaging learning environments, you will develop a unique skill set. The SEE undergraduate program offers you:

  • integrated co-operative paid work experiences,
  • laboratory and teamwork based courses,
  • community driven projects,
  • collaborative research opportunities, and
  • brand new facilities through a state-of-the-art building, currently in construction at SFU Surrey.


The program will combine courses from other disciplines including the Faculty of ScienceBeedie School of Business and the Faculty of Environment to provide you with a unique and specific education on foundational engineering principles, design practices, current technologies, economics and policies associated with the global cleantech sector. You will develop a multidisciplinary approach to solve problems, a skill that is in demand in the industry.

Program at a Glance

SEE will embed experiential learning opportunities to engage students from day one. Project-based and problem-based learning will be integrated throughout the curriculum:

Years 1 & 2 will provide a scientific and engineering foundation on which the rest of the program will build upon.

Years 3 & 4 will offer a unique portfolio of advanced engineering courses including technologies and systems for energy harvesting, conversion, storage and use. In addition to engineering, students will learn entrepreneurship, economics and policy studies.

Capstone projects will require students to design and implement sustainable energy solutions, and to integrate business, social and economic models into sustainable engineering design.

Mandatory co-operative education will provide students the opportunity to take part in three paid work terms in the industry. This will allow students to earn industry experience and sharpen their skill sets.

Accredited curriculum allows students to fulfill the requirements to become a professional engineer.


Click here to view example course schedules (Course Schedules, Forms)
*details are subject to change

Click here to view example curriculum (Program Requirements)

Application Information

For full details about admission requirements, application deadlines, tuition fees and scholarships, please visit www.sfu.ca/students/admission. Note that applying to the SEE undergraduate program also requires filling out a Supplemental Application. If you are a current SFU student, and interested in internally transferring into the program, please find information on how to apply below the external application section. Please note: no supplemental application is required for current SFU students.

If you are interested in applying to SEE, please subscribe to our mailing list so we can send you updates on important deadlines and events. We've also included some Frequently Asked Questions below.



Intake Term Application Period
Fall (September)

October 1 - January 31

For high school applicants only

Fall (September)

March 1 - April 15

For Post-Secondary/transfer applicants only

Summer (May) December 1 - January 15
Spring (January) August 1 - September 15


Step 1: Review Step 2: Apply Step 3: Check Step 4: Submit
  • Admission requirements for SFU and the School of Sustainable Energy Engineering.
  • The status of your application at go.sfu.ca
  • All requested to-do items including the supplemental application

Please see the admission requirements.

See the full calendar of deadlines.


Admission is competitive, with the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.67
  • Registration in at least 12 units in the term prior to admission
  • No more than 5 repeats
  • Meeting high school admission requirements (English 12, Physics 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus 12, and Chemistry 12 or equivalent)

A brief statement of interest will be required along with related documentation. For questions please contact the Applied Sciences Advising team at asadvise@sfu.ca

Intake term: Registration in 12 units in the term prior to admission: Apply between: Notification will be given approximately: Course enrollment will start:
Spring (January) 12 units needed in Summer   September 2 - Oct 1 End of October 1st/2nd Week of November
Summer (May) 12 units needed in Fall January 2 - February 1 End of February 1st/2nd Week of March
Fall (September) 12 units needed in Spring May 1 - June 1 End of June 1st/2nd Week of July


Students are selected for admission to the SEE undergraduate program based on a combination of academic performance and responses to a supplemental application. Instructions on how to submit the supplemental application are provided to applicants after their application for admission is received.


Marks matter, but so do your experiences! All SEE high school and college/university transfer applicants must complete the supplemental application by the deadline on your To-Do list on go.sfu.ca. Understanding your interest and aptitude for studying SEE is important to us and the supplemental application provides the opportunity for you to tell us about yourself beyond grades.

The supplemental application contains five, 100-word, short-answer questions which ask about your:

  • interest in studying SEE;
  • approach to working through problems and challenges;
  • involvement in communities or groups.

You can complete and save sections of the supplemental application before submitting it to us. See your To-Do List on go.sfu.ca for instructions on accessing the application, deadlines, and all other required admissions documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply directly into Sustainable Energy Engineering?

Yes when applications are open, prospective students are able to apply and be directly admitted into the Sustainable Energy Engineering Major.

Is the undergraduate program accreditated?

The SEE undergraduate curriculum has met the requirements and criteria for accreditation by Engineers Canada. Its accredited curriculum allows you to fulfill the requirements to become a professional engineer.

Where can I find information on the Supplemental Application?

The SEE program application requires the submission of a supplemental application. More details can be found on this page.

What are the admission requirements? What are the deadlines?

Please see the section above titled “Admission Requirements and Important Dates.”

Where can I find examples of SEE program courses and schedules?

If you wish to view example course schedules, please visit www.sfu.ca/see/current-students/undergraduate-students.

Can I sit down with an advisor to talk about admissions requirements, course planning, etc., for this program?

If you wish to chat with an advisor, please visit www.sfu.ca/fas/current-student/advising.

How will my admissions be evaluated?

Please visit this page to learn about the evaluation process.

How can I register for a Surrey campus tour?

You can book a campus tour here! You are also able to take a virtual tour at www.sfu.ca/see/building.