Beyond SETC

Reflection is an essential activity to your continued growth as a teacher. Although you can infer which activities, lessons, discussions, etc. were most beneficial for learning, soliciting student perspectives can help you make improvements both to the course and to your own practice. Gathering and analyzing student feedback allows you to learn about how your students are experiencing the course and demonstrates to students that their opinions are valued and important to you.

The SETC program is just one method to collect, analysis and reflect on student feedback about your teaching and course. The resources in this area can help you collect feedback using different methods and timepoints in the semester.

Senate approved an implementation plan for the "Developing a Teaching Assessment Framework" report. This report includes an extensive literature review to inform best practices of assessment, explored SFU policies and practices at other institutions related to assessment of teaching, and presented an inventory of teaching assessment methods other than student opinion surveys.  To view this report, click here.