Improving Response Rates

  1. Use the Response Rate Monitor.
    One of the available features of the online course evaluation system is the ability to view the submission rates and habits of the students during the evaluation period. During the evaluation period, you can always login to the Blue system and view the reponse rate monitor. The monitor will allow you to view your section's response rate in real time.  Your access is customized and you will only be able to see the response rates for the courses you teach. Using this tool, you will be able to see if there are any courses that are not meeting expectations for submission rates.     
  2. Provide time in class.
    Set aside 15 minutes at the beginning of class during the evaluation period to allow students to log in to the evaluation form and fill it out. Although students can complete the evaluation form anywhere and anytime, semester end is a busy time for them, and many of them forget to do so.

  3. Remind students in class about how important course evaluations are to you.
    Many students believe “no one reads” the evaluations. If you can communicate to your students that you will read and consider their suggestions, students are more likely to participate. An instructor’s attitude about course evaluations has been shown to be the largest predictor of response rate.

  4. Always remind students their responses are confidential.
    Although students receive emails stating that their responses will be kept confidential, many do not understand what this means. Please explain that you will not be able to identify a specific student’s responses.

  5. Include a reminder slide in your PowerPoint presentations when you lecture.
    This will remind students twice: once in class and again when they are reviewing the class notes. Follow the link above or below to download a sample reminder slide.

Resources for increasing student response rates