Setting Up Access to Response Reports

** The resulting data from the fall 2020, spring 2021 and summer 2021 evaluations will only be provided to instructors. **

The results of the online course evaluations will be released as reports at the end of this term.  Faculties & departments can set which of their members have access to these reports.  Access can easily be set up using the SETC report viewers website.

Members from each faculty & department are selected to be "report stewards".  Report stewards are able to:

  • Assign, update & delete access of other report viewers, and 
  • Create other report stewards

Instructors will receive reports from the evaluation system automatically and do not require any set-up from report stewards.

Changes to report access require two days before viewers can log-in to the course evaluation system and access their reports. If you need report access earlier than that, please email us at

If you need help navigating the SETC report viewers website, feel free to download the guide below, or email us at