Why evaluate?

Student evaluation of teaching and courses serves to enhance the quality of student learning at SFU and supports teaching. Current research highlights the need for flexibility in SETC and a clear focus on teaching and courses, not on instructor characteristics. Broadly, there are three uses of evaluating:

1) From a formative perspective, evaluations provide feedback to faculty to help inform their teaching and course content. SFU's Teaching and Learning Centre is a wonderful resource for instructors to set goals and develop their skill set. The Teaching and Learning Centre consists of education and technology professionals who support SFU instructors and academic units in the development and delivery of innovative approaches designed to enhance their students' learning experiences. Check out their website here!

2) Evaluations measure student engagement and learning while providing students with the opportunity to reflect on their own learning. 

3) From a summative perspective, evaluations are used in tenure, merit, and promotion decisions. They also help students make informed decisions about course selection. The focus of the SETC program is mainly towards formative evaluating and student reflection.