Advisory Committee for sEtc (ACE)

Membership of committee

Members Conditions Name
Associate Vice-President, Learning & Leaching
Chair, Ex-officio Elizabeth Elle
Student Representative Graduate Selected by SCUTL Aynsley Pescitelli
Student Representative Undergraduate Selected by SCUTL Joseph Ssendikaddiwa
Dean or designate Selected by the Deans Panos Pappas
Dean or designate Selected by the Deans Dan Laitsch
Chair Selected by the Chairs Angela Brooks-Wilson
Chair Selected by the Chairs Jennifer Spear
Chair, SCUTL Ex-officio Panos Pappas
Director, TLC Ex-officio (non-voting) Brad Johnson
Manager, SETC Ex-officio (non-voting) Kiran Bisra
Member, ITS Selected by ITS      (non-voting) Eric Leung
Member, IRP Selected by IRP      (non-voting) Jessica Tilley
Chief Steward, TSSU
Selected by TSSU (non-voting)
Scott Yano

Meeting schedule

Meeting date Time Location
October 15, 2018 4:00-5:30pm EDB 7509
December 20, 2018 1:00-2:30pm EDB 7509


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